About Me

I believe that dogs deserve to have the most fulfilled lives possible. That’s why I am constantly honing and refining the most effective and modern training techniques to motivate your dog and coach you in building a relationship between you that will create a stress free and enjoyable life and make everyone you pass on your walks green with envy.

I love teaching both dogs and their owners how to live fulfilling lives with each other.

I am fascinated with dogs in large part because of the amazing story of our shared evolutionary history and the deep symbiotic relationship that was created and maintained from the ancient to present era.

Blending the complimentary strengths of human and dog in such a wide range of applications, from personal pet to guide dog to soldier, is an amazing tale and accomplishment shared by both species.

Whether its the highly personal experience of bonding with an individual dog or of learning about how they behave and think in general, they provide humans with a solid link to the primal natural world that can sometimes seem to be difficult to find in other ways in modernity.

Given my lifetime fascination with training dogs, the canine mind and behavior in general it was really a obvious choice to become a Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist.

My quest for the most in depth knowledge in the industry brought me to the largest and most comprehensive dog training school in the world, Starmark Academy. An intensive education in all things canine training and behavior was one of the most rewarding experiences I have undertaken.

My search for knowledge will never end and I have continued my education and growth as a trainer to find more ways to teach you in turn how to build an incredible and lifelong bond with your best friend.