“Build a Foundation of Trust and Obedience”

After working alongside Zach for 12 intense weeks of dog training, I can attest to his training prowess. Seeing him take a dog with no direction or purpose and put him through agility sequences, competition obedience and fully off leash obedience was something most trainers with YEARS of experience could not do. Prymal Canine will work with you to reinvent the relationship between you and your dog and build a foundation of trust and obedience!

  • Jake D.

“Well Mannered, Happy Dog”

Zach is a fantastic dog trainer! He is always very timely and professional when it comes to consultations and training sessions. Zach is well versed with all the tools of dog training and he will help guide you through each of their uses and how they can help you. If you want to have a well mannered, happy dog, Zach is definitely the trainer you should choose.

  • Parker R.

“Will Definitely Exceed Your Expectations”

Zach from Prymal Canine is a very dedicated trainer. He wants the best for every dog, and always strives to make every dog happy. He will make sure the goals you have for your dog are met and will even go beyond your expectations. He is really good at explaining everything, and will consistently be there to guide you along the way. Prymal Canine will definitely exceed your expectations, and I undeniably suggest everyone in the Portland area to go to Prymal Canine to get your dog trained, as well as helping you and your dog get the best relationship you will have for a lifetime!

  • Brenley M.